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Buying Tips

If you follow the steps listed below when you decide to purchase a home the process will be much faster and stress free.

Before You Shop

  • Be a smart consumer by knowing the financing basics. Know how to shop for a loan that is right for you.


  • Get pre-approved A pre-approval only takes a few minutes and it lets you know the price range that fits your lifestyle. When you do submit an offer, a seller will look at your offer more seriously if you have a pre-approval letter from you bank or mortgage company.


  • Keep your debt to a minimum. Don't make any major purchases or acquire any additional debt until after the closing. (Not after you sign a contract, but after the close of the sale) Don't apply for new credit cards and do try to pay down existing ones. A financial institute evaluates your financial situation on your gross monthly income. Your total monthly house costs should not exceed 28% of your gross monthly income.

Before You Buy

  • Submit a strong competitive offer.


  • Try to minimize the number of contingencies. A seller can get overwhelmed when a buyer submits excess contingencies.


  • Get All Agreements in Writing



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